Giant sucking sound

Just when you think UP is done with the over-budget, over-delayed eUP Project, you'll see the same eUP people proposing an uber-eUP to perpetuate their self-serving agenda. Introducing the all-new IT Services (ITS)! ITS has managers and directors overseen by an executive director (see full salary proposal), whose salary dwarfs that of a UP Chancellor. Here's the transmittal letter (markings removed to lessen the likehood of identifying the leaker):

ITS has a proposed annual budget of PhP 82,340,983.00, in addition to Php 362,742,463.00 of "Shared IT Recurring Costs."

Layers and layers of bureaucracy to siphon taxpayers' money: projects managers, change managers, director of center for enterprise applications (CEA), deputy director of CEA, director of center for university technology (CUT), deputy director of CUT, director of information technology development center (ITDC), deputy director of ITDC, staff for planning and admin support, for social communication, for change management, with administrative officers for the different divisions.

More to come: detailed recording of this giant sucking sound. More "benchmarking" trips to Vegas and other cities abroad. More "training" workshops. More "experts" and "consultants." More honoraria. More questionable bids and awards!