One bullsh*t eUP is telling the UP community is that in acquiring Oracle, the University is "nakatipid." (For more eUP BS, see this). Given to hyperbole, eUP people are heard in presentations saying, "Sobrang nakatipid!"

eUP has availed of "97% discount" in getting Oracle licenses. What eUP people don't tell you is that the Oracle Campus Solutions V9.0 they got for the University is a relic from mid-2000s and has already been replaced by a new version. (That's not even saying anything about Oracle licensing traps.)

Here's the purchase order (PO) for such licenses:
Shown here is just the last page. The earlier pages and full PO are linked here.Total cost for licenses alone is P7,819,773.91.

Note the limited time of "full use" and the "quantity" or number of users.

From there it gets more interesting because Oracle also requires SEPARATE, RECURRING maintenance and technical support for P10,858,734.00 (See Table "Shared IT Recurring Costs" here). On top of that is "Managed Services" for P60,000,000.00, which is "Outsourced system maintenance and technical support for core eUP information systems."

So to acquire Oracle ERP, it "only" costs the University less than 8 millions pesos. To keep it running, the Oracle systems installed require no less 70 million pesos more as recurring (yearly?) costs! And that's "sobrang nakakatipid!," according to some perverse logic of eUP people.

The "pagtitipid" doesn't stop there. Most interesting is that eUP Oracle implementation requires Oracle hardware as well. The hardware component below is just for SAIS.

That also needs Oracle authentication system, which can be used by other Oracle ERP modules.
So in addition to Oracle software and maintenance costs is the cost for Oracle hardware, which again requires additional maintenance and eventual replacement costs! The gears above are not even new. That should be ironic for eUP gearheads who love mouthing the rhetoric of "state of the art." These servers are overpriced metals being shoved down UP's *ss as "discounted" equipment.

We're only talking about basic installation here. No customization, data migration, training, hardware, bandwidth, hosting, salaries, utilities, travel and accommodation, consulting yet. So don't be surprised if the total cost could run up to billions.

This situation is a classic case of vendor lock-in. Yet, there's no guarantee Oracle components will work smoothly (as evidenced by earlier implementations in the different UP CUs). At a slightest sign of trouble, eUP runs to Oracle!

Are there any cheaper yet robust alternatives to this madness? You bet! Is there no choice but Oracle? None, according to eUP people who are "nagtitipid" by just using Oracle marketing materials straight out.

The current eUP systems are unsustainable; they create lopsided dependency on Oracle. They cause serious financial and technical burden to the University, now and in many many more years to come. They are a waste of taxpayers' money!