Well said by this tweet. Gone is SystemOne, UPLB's registration system. It's a casualty in eUP's insistence on the use of commercial, off-the-shelf Oracle Campus Solution (aka SAIS). SAIS couldn't even be launched on time in UPLB (or in any other UP campus for that matter). It remains buggy, sporting pre-Web-2.0 codes and horrible user interface.
The confusion it caused led the UPLB Registration Team to recommend going retro by manual enrollment. Ironic, since PAEP promised to "take UP to the 21st century!"

So what is UPLB missing exactly? A lot. Initially developed in 2004 by Prof. Rodolfo Duldulao Jr, SystemOne had been fashioned according to the needs of UPLB constituents and not some generic commercial solution for some generic university. It included a kick-ass enrollment planning algorithm earlier worked out by another computer scientist Dr. Ricolindo Carino. UPLB's computer science students added a number of modules through the years--an opportunity that SAIS takes away from aspiring UP local talents. What eUP does now instead is give hundreds and hundreds of millions of Filipino taxpayers' money to big corporations like Oracle and ePLDT.

In the Summer of 2012 the latest version (nickname: 'Decaf') was developed. A year after its launch, SystemOne received a donation of 2 servers from Ms Gina Olondriz. Students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, friends contributed to the making of a first-rate SystemOne. With eUP, PAEP would have none of this spirit of "ambag-ambag" and bayanihan (community contributions). In his mind, "small" deployments of IT systems like this belong to a "culture of poverty" that he so wishes to eradicate. What he envisions are bold, audacious, multi-million IT projects like what's being deployed in world-class universities like the National University of Singapore. Hence, it's got to be Oracle (as if a software makes a university world-class)!

I'm not going to enumerate the hundreds of features SystemOne had that would take years for SAIS to replicate. They're all wasted now, not to mention the hefty learning experiences the UPLB academic community got through the years. Thanks to PAEP's eUP! Those who are old enough to have been around using SystemOne would easily attest to SystemOne's outstanding features.

Suffice it to say that SystemOne was able to serve multiple access from about 7,000 concurrent student users, with only minimal resources. SystemOne had a great run! At its peak, it used up only about 12Mbps of access bandwidth, 9GB of memory, and 400% CPU. Looking for system efficiency? Now dig that multi-million-peso SAIS with your many operators in tow! And, lest we forget, SystemOne was rock-solid secure, unlike some system we know. Now, Mr UP President, isn't SystemOne world-class computing? That, or perhaps we've only got a second-rate president ill-equiped to appreciate first-rate systems?

Update Nov 10, 2015. Yielding to pressures from students, a few hours ago, the UPLB Administration decided to revive SystemOne for registration from January to May 2016. Rightly so, this brought joy to the UPLB community. PAEP wanted to have a meeting with UPLB Administrators and Student Council. Let's note, however, that SystemOne has been defunded by PAEP. eUP's introduction preempted many of UP constituent universities' plans to expand their own registration systems to include other academic modules. Unless UPLB commits to further development of SystemOne, the relief from the eUP mayhem could only be temporary. PAEP replaced SystemOne with a system that's unresponsive to the needs of UP. He drove away highly skilled, community-oriented developers and replaced them with mercenary coders and bureaucrats. CUs need to reassert their autonomy from the imperial NoQHa (Northside of Quezon Hall) where PAEP keeps launching his delusions.

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