Testi from SAIS Student User

Here's a UPOU student voice we need to hear:


enrolment form is now a “Shopping Cart”; I’ll try not to get too political here and some people could indeed compare enrolling subjects with shopping but in my opinion, it is in poor taste and if anything shows a lack of forethought in the design of the site.

To end this I don’t want to say there’s anything INHERENTLY wrong with switching systems, what’s wrong is in the slapdash manner in which it is being done.
The old system (which was simple/streamlined and not broken) is being phased out for a new one that’s completely untested and half‐done at a time that can be very inconvenient to the end users. I can understand a dual system, enrol on the old system while the new one is slowly implemented with issues being fixed along the way before it is made the sole system. But this is just crazy.


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