Lately eUP minions have been busy telling people that the project is still within budget. But telling is one thing; showing is another. The UP community has had enough of wordy assurances already. PAEP kept telling us that eUP has been "progressing well," and look where that got us!

eUP explicitly told us that "no CU will be forced to use any information system under the eUP Project."

Yet, the PAEP administration repeatedly denied requests for budget allocation to enhance CRS and other computerization initiatives by other CUs. That resulted to, among others, the demoralization of most CRS staff, forcing them to resign. Any non-eUP requests for enhancement of any CU systems have been systematically denied by the PAEP admin. PAEP's eUP says one but does another.

At any rate, Eupleaks is willing to give PAEP a break if he can just (1) show us the REAL cost of eUP, and (2) reveal the whole process that led to UP picking Oracle.

1. What's the REAL cost of eUP so far?

If eUP people disagree with our sources re costs, they can just show the UP community an audited report detailing ALL the expenses related to the eUP project. Including the iPhones, laptops, iPads that PAEP (or eUP) thought UP administrators need? Including the iMacs and top-of-the-head acquisition of equipment, like that giant UPS ITDC acquired but couldn't be powered up for over a year because the MERALCO supply in the building was inadequate? (Shouldn't eUP have checked first?) Including all those eUP meetings held in resorts? Including servers and services acquired, even before there were any actual core systems deployed? Including the "retraining" of people and the related expenses (airfares, accommodations, allowances) that CUs themselves have to bear? And why is eUP "retraining" people again? Including Oracle licenses and year-to-year maintenance costs? Including eUP-related trips abroad, "consulting" services, phony conferences like this? Eupleaks is too eager to see more details on how eUP has been wasting taxpayers' money.

2. Why Oracle?

eUP, please walk us through the process that led to UP choosing Oracle in the first place. What's the relationship between UP System IT Foundation and eUP? Who funded the "benchmarking" trips abroad? Why Oracle exactly? Any study or report resulting from the "benchmarking" exercises?

As self-styled vanguard of clean governance, UP admin has to be transparent and beyond reproach. It is dealing with an IT industry that's not exactly immune to bribery and embezzlement, and for which Oracle (sample accounts here, here) and its rivals (example here) are repeat offenders.

If this document below is any indicator, things are not reassuring for eUP on the transparency front.
Close to 8M pesos is just about annual access to Oracle Support (not including licenses and upgrades). Then you'll see eUP justifying non-bidding on the basis of... Well, you can read it yourself. Check with your procurement expert if this is even justified or whether it's right for the end-user to determine exclusive dealership at the outset. It turned out that the so-called "proof" that other government agencies have done direct contracting with Oracle is at best inaccurate. See, for instance, this document. eUP is acting like an addict wanting badly his Oracle fix. How has UP ever come to that kind of dependency on a multinational corporation is worth examining. Now eUP wants more Oracle drugs that, to begin with, should not have been used. Let's understand an addict but watch out for the bad behavior that comes with the addiction.