UPLB University Student Council on eUP

"The students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños have had enough. This first semester alone, aside from the administration's ignorance of the 160+ organizations' call for Organization Registration, the students of UPLB yet again face their biggest obstacle since the LLCP implementation during 2010 - the mishandling/mismanagement of SAIS for the 'eUP' Project of UP President Pascual under his "One UP" vision.

"Clearly we see the spoiled 'fruits' of President Pascual's commercialization of UP education, as transpired by the #eUPPaMore fiasco this first week of November, compromising student services for profit from the controversial deal between UP and Smart, which is commonly called as the eUP Project. This dubious deal has led to the termination of UP Los Banos' own SystemOne, with the UPLB administration geared toward's eUP, disregarding the many technical difficulties, security concerns and lack of features of SAIS. This eUP Project has already been under scrutiny, as millions of funds have been allocated to the project, with 750-800 million alone for its 1st year implementation, compared to UP Diliman's CRS which they invested 45 million in a span of 5 years (as per OSR Report). There is also a lack of transparency on the operations of the eUP project.

"SAIS implementation in smaller campuses such as UP Manila and UP Cebu has led to UPM's rescheduling of their 1st day of classes last 1st semester 2014-2015. If SAIS has already been found as faulty in small campuses such as UP Manila, what more would be the consequences if it were to implemented in large campuses such as our own? Do we need SAIS? Do we need eUP?

"The University Student Council, together with all local College Student Councils, through a consensus at the Student Legislative Chamber last 24 October, calls for a university-wide WALKOUT against the administration's neglect on student welfare and on the continuing commercialization of UP education under President Pascual.

For more details, see UPLB SC's FB page.