Welcome to eUP Leaks!

This is the eUPLeaks, a collaborative project to document and present alternative accounts of the eUP Project of the University of the Philippines (UP) and its various components. Welcome!

Blow the whistle!

We encourage whistleblowing. So, if you have documents to share regarding the innards of the eUP Project, please feel free to do so. Information is like your fart that wishes to be free. So let it go to admin@eupleaks.com or postmaster@eupleaks.com. We'll take it from there.

Fight the spindoctoring

If you haven't noticed how the mass media have fallen for all press releases of the eUP Project and its contractors (primarily ePLDT), then remember to be the Iskolar ng Bayan that you are. There's more to what we read from the news outlets and official information offices of the University.

What's the status of the Project? What's its real cost, even as we only see its proponents chasing sliding deadlines? 2013? 2014? Now 2015? Note that projects of similar scope could triple in cost, without even any assurances they would be done well. As originally budgetted, 700 million pesos. So far, how much has been spent for eUP? We want to know.

Who are responsible for the failed implementation of eUP? Are they liable? We want accountability.

'Rebel Alliance' Redux

For some people in UP, eUP is a "death star" that sucks resources and kills CU (constituent university like UPLB, UP Diliman, UP Manila, and others) initiatives in context-appropriate computerization and operational efficiency. Well, if you think at least part of it is true (think Computerized Registration System, anyone?), you could well be part of the Rebel Alliance that takes shots at the eUP mega project. Your post could well hit the death star at its core. BAM!, justice. So have fun using the force, Luke!