What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Inspired by more leak submissions from sources, let me post this one before I get back to my graveyard work shift or before I get envious with eUP racketeers par excellence. Here's another anonymous historical contribution.

This partly explains why projects like eUP get too expensive. The cost of travel junkets like this gets passed on to customers ultimately.

Another photo op is specific to HRIS.

The meeting was organized by a trade group backed by Oracle. Oracle is the supplier of eUP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. An upgrade of an Oracle system alone can run up to 20 million pesos.

I'm tempted to show the other submitted Vegas photos but then they're personal already. I trust the readers already get the idea.


In the budget for proposed IT Services, under Shared IT Recurring Costs (subtotal: P362,742,463.00), tucked neatly there is HEUG (see above screenshot) Annual Membership Fee of P71,729.00. Vegas, you'll see them again soon!